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13 Bracelets Under $25
Bangles and cuffs and charm bracelets, oh my! 'Tis the season for accessories. So, while you're contemplating how to decorate your neck, ears and fingers, don't forget about your wrists, either. From layered metal bangles to chunky cuffs to delicate wristlets that shimmer and glimmer in the sun, you really can't go wrong with bracelets when it comes to accessorizing. Three tips for styling with bracelets: 1. Bracelets will draw attention to your arms and hands, so make sure your fingernails are manicured or at least clean and presentable. 2. Layer multi-colored bangles in colors that complement your outfit. For example, if you're wearing a neutral top and pant, try a splashy-hued set of bangles. Contrarily, pair neutral bracelets with outfits that are already loud (read: prints, bright colors, etc). 3. Choose a large accent bracelet and accessorize lightly elsewhere. In other words, let the bracelet serve as the "center of attention."

Written by development shop — December 03, 2012

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